Vortex Martial Arts
Premier Martial Arts in Leander, North Austin, Round Rock, and Cedar Park, Texas




 It’s a big business….and it’s only going to get bigger.  If there were to be businesses that you could truly define as being recession proof, child-related businesses such as the Vortex Franchise system would certainly need to be considered in that pool. 


 Since 2013, children’s services franchises have been growing at more than three times the average of other franchise sectors. People are willing and interested in investing in their children’s well-being more than ever before, and that trend looks to continue into the coming decade with increasing growth trends. 

 There is an intense focus at home, in business, politically and throughout the U.S. and abroad to help nurture and develop our children.  Our overwhelming amount of data and research supports successful children equal successful adults.  With this focus comes a willingness to invest, spend money and make the sacrifices to have your children in a program like Vortex. 

 Sounding Good?  Let's see if you qualify!